How to Protect Your New Hardwood Floors

The beauty of new hardwood floors simply can’t be beat. Their natural beauty and unique characteristics give a home a gorgeous look and lived-in feel. Hardwood floors are a fabulous addition to the interior of a home, and they are a smart investment as well. They have an incredible ability to increase the value of a home if you are considering selling.

how to protect your new hardwood floors How to Protect Your New Hardwood FloorsNo matter how long you plan on living in your home, the beauty of your hardwood floors depends on the amount of regular maintenance they receive. It is essential to protect them from damaging elements such as moisture, furniture and abuse. Luckily, there are some things you can do to protect your new hardwood floors so that they last as long as your home:

Make use of rugs and mats. Not only do they protect your hardwood floor, they can add style and beauty to your home. Using rugs and mats in areas with high traffic will trap dirt and moisture from shoes that can get stuck on the floor.

Clean floors regularly. Sweeping and vacuuming should be a daily activity in order to keep dirt and dust from accumulating and damaging the hardwood floors. Clean your floors periodically with a wood-cleaning solution depending on what type of finish it has.

Keep the floors scratch-free. Make use of cloth furniture protectors under the feet of tables, chairs and heavy furniture. Be sure to remove shoes that can scuff the floor.

Keep humidity levels in check. Moisture is one of hardwood flooring’s worst enemies because it can cause the floor boards to swell and warp. Make sure that your home’s humidity level is kept at a reasonable level in the summer as well as in the winter when the air is dryer. Dry air can also damage your wood floor.

Look out for changes. While expanding is natural, wood floors should not raise or dip in certain areas. Look for changes and areas that are not even. You want to find the root of the problem before the entire floor is ruined.

Hardwood floors may require a bit of maintenance and tender loving care, but they will reward you in the long run with beautiful shininess and vitality.

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