Myths About Carpet Cleaning

The carpet in your home is an important part of your overall comfort, as well as your interior design. You want your carpet to last for many years – it is often a large investment and most people cannot afford to buy new carpet on a regular basis.
Myths About Carpet Cleaning Myths About Carpet Cleaning
Taking care of your carpet will help to ensure it has a long life in your home. It can be confusing to figure out the right way to clean your carpet. There are many myths about carpet cleaning that could have you on the wrong track. Knowing the facts will help you extend the life of your carpet.

Cheaper carpet will save money. The truth is that you get what you pay for. When you buy cheap carpet, you can expect it to wear out faster than carpet that is more expensive. This will lead to replacement costs in the near future. Save money by investing in pricier carpet now to avoid replacing it sooner.

My carpet is not old enough to need cleaned. The truth is that, even if you cannot see the dirt, it is still there. Instead of waiting until your carpet looks dirty, maintain its look by cleaning it on a regular schedule.

It is cheaper to clean the carpet on my own instead of hiring a pro. Again, you get what you pay for. Carpet cleaners that you purchase at retail stores are not near as efficient as professional-grade cleaners. They just cannot extract the water as well as professional-grade cleaners. This can lead to the deterioration of your carpet, causing you to replace it sooner.

I only need to vacuum once or twice a week. Even if you cannot see dirt on your carpet, it is still there. You need to vacuum once each day to ensure that allergens and dust are removed from your carpet.

Sprinkle-on deodorizers are good for freshening my carpet. The truth is that these are more harmful than anything. The powders become embedded in your carpet and they can lead to staining. Vacuuming will not remove all of the powder from your carpet. Avoid these “fresheners” and simply take care of your carpet with regular vacuuming and cleaning to keep it fresh and beautiful.

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  1. Great article. You’ve definitely crushed some common misconceptions about carpet care. Thanks for the tips!

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