The Best Flooring Choice For Each Room In The House

The Best Flooring Choice For Each Room In The House The Best Flooring Choice For Each Room In The House

If you are planning on redoing the floors of various rooms in your home, you are taking on quite a task – but one that will be well-worth the effort. The floors of your home are some of the first things that people see upon entering each room. You want your flooring to be a lovely addition to each room, an addition that complements the décor and makes the room beautiful. When choosing flooring, instead of going with a one-for-all approach, remember that certain types of flooring work best in certain rooms.

The kitchen of your home is a likely target for spills, mud, and general mess. You want flooring that is durable and easy to clean. Vinyl or linoleum is a great choice for kitchens because they are both easy to maintain and quite durable. With this type of flooring, a spilled drink or muddy footprints will be a breeze to clean – and both types of flooring are made to withstand lots of foot traffic to ensure they stay beautiful for years to come.

In your living room, which is likely to be the main spot for entertaining, consider the beauty of hardwood flooring. This type of flooring can last for years because it can be re-stained numerous times before it needs replacing. Hardwood flooring brings a certain level of elegance and beauty to a room – but it must be taken care of properly to avoid damaging it. This includes cleaning up any spills right away, as well as making sure furniture is not dragged across the floor or hard-heeled shoes, like boots and high heels, are not worn on the floor.

The bathroom is a room best suited for tile flooring. Because the bathroom is a room with higher humidity and moisture levels, you want a flooring that can withstand the heat. Tile flooring is hard, resistant to moisture damage, and can last for many years in your bathroom.

Finally, for your basement, consider having the concrete floors stained for minimal upkeep and maintenance. Carpeting is also a decent choice for a basement family room, as long as you are prepared for the vacuuming and shampooing that must be done to keep the carpet beautiful.

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