Tips For Buying Carpet Remnants

Looking to buy carpet for a small room in your home? When it comes to finding an inexpensive way to makeover a room, your perfect choice may be to look at carpet remnants.

tips for buying carpet remnants Tips For Buying Carpet RemnantsCarpeting comes in roll format. When a customer purchases carpeting in large quantities, one or multiple rolls of carpeting may be used. Yet in many cases there will be leftover carpeting that stretches beyond what the customer purchases. Because its not enough to cover an entire home, it goes back into stock as a carpet remnants and in many cases is the perfect size for smaller areas of your home. Because they can’t be used for large projects or sold to cover your entire home, they are also sold at a discounted price.

Remnants can be found in a full spectrum of colors and styles. If you’re trying to stick with certain hues or match colors from one room to the next, chances are you’ll find the perfect match waiting for you. Yet before you buy a carpet remnant, keep these tips in mind.

1. Before you start shopping for carpets, measure your room and get the exact dimensions of the space you’ll be carpeting. The ideal piece of carpeting should be slightly larger than your room size. If you allow at least 6 inches in both length and width, you’ll have plenty of carpeting to fit wall to wall.

2. If you have an add size room – one that is substantially longer than its width – be patient in your carpet search. If you can find a carpet that provides you with a long enough piece where you won’t have to have a seam, it will last longer and provide better wear coverage.

3. When buying carpet remnants, most people are looking at cost savings. But there is one area where you shouldn’t cut corners; that’s in your padding. Padding is what gives your carpet its wearability. Ask about remnant padding – you may be in luck. But if not, spend wisely and invest in a quality pad to extend the life of your flooring.

4.Will you be using the carpet remnant as a rug instead of wall to wall carpeting? Have the edges professional finished or bound in order to prevent them from fraying and becoming a problem down the road.

5. Shopping for carpet remnants means you can’t be choosy about what you purchase. Its all based on availability and what customers have purchased recently. If you have something specific in mind, talk with the salesperson about potential – they may be able to give you an idea of what normally comes through and what they expect. They can even watch for specifics if they know what you need.

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