Tips for Transitioning One Floor into Another

Have you ever walked into a home and immediately sensed something was wrong? The tile entryway fed into a wood hallway, which fed into a vinyl kitchen and a carpeted family room. The floor wound up looking like a mismatched patchwork quilt. It was too much and simply through the rooms off balance.

tips for transitioning one floor into another Tips for Transitioning One Floor into AnotherIt all comes down to proper transitioning of one floor into another. And there are ways you can do it and make it aesthetically appealing as well.

Don’t mix up too many different types of flooring. Instead of focusing in on each room as a separate entity, look at it by floors instead. Standing from your front doorway, what rooms can you see? With an open floor plan you may be able to see entryways, hallways, dining rooms, kitchen and even family rooms. The patchwork feeling comes when you can take in to much contrast at one time. The more the rooms flow together, the more uniform you should make your flooring choices.

Use two different kinds of wooden flooring. They can work together if they are different in color, and on different levels of the house. For example, you can use a darker wood floor in one room and a lighter wood in an adjoining room. The lighter shade will pull out some of the deeper shade, creating a nice contrast. This also works beautifully on two different levels and areas of your house.

Use materials that have similar hues. Coordinating colors in different flooring gives a seamless feel that makes the transition to different floors pleasant on the eyes. If your tiling has grey undertones in the kitchen, continue with the grey theme into the family room carpeting.

Create flow in the flooring. A good example of this is using wooden flooring in one area of a room and stone and wood flooring that flows into each other seamlessly. This creates flooring that works together rather than abrupt changes in material and color.

Remember that you don’t need to use the same flooring in every room in your home in order to make it look and seem bigger. When you coordinate flooring, you can make transitions that will allow your floor to flow from room to room for a gorgeous look!

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